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Since its inception, the SatCom Division has been at the forefront of the satellite communication services sector in the Middle East. No other regional provider can claim to have the knowledge and expertise of the full spectrum of satellite systems and technology in use today.

Whether you need a simple solution for remote communications, emergency access or detailed high-speed data solutions, the SatCom Division has a wealth of experience in assisting both land-based and off-shore customers with choosing the best package for their needs.

Committed to delivering a comprehensive line of high quality satellite communication solutions, along with affordable satellite airtime options, VoIP telephony and administrative services, the SatCom Division, along with its service-provider sister company, SkyStream, ensures users can communicate from virtually anywhere in the world.

The SatCom Division is one of the leading providers of fixed, marine and mobile VSAT solutions specializing in:

  • VSAT systems

  • VSAT solutions: Internet access, VoIP and video

  • Marine Internet solutions

  • Marine, land mobile and distributed satellite TV solutions

  • On and offshore satellite communication solutions

  • Hand-held satellite terminals

  • Firewall and web-cache (black-box) solutions

  • Inmarsat / airtime services

  • Iridium

  • Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL)

  • Low Voltage

Through its Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System (IVTS), the SatCom Division has become the leading supplier in the region for tracking systems for vehicles. IVTS provides a reliable and affordable way of vehicle monitoring.


Low Voltage

With over two decades of experience working with the latest products and technology, our Low Voltage Department can offer you security solutions including:

  • CCTV's

  • Intrusion alarm systems

  • Intercom systems

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Intercom systems

  • Satellite TV

  • Structured cabling

  • IP systems

SatCom Division's leading customers and business comes from:

  • The Armed Forces - VSAT and VoIP services

  • Government organizations and banks - private VSAT networks for sensitive data transfer

  • Media broadcasting solutions

  • Inmarsat - airtime re-seller

  • TVRO land and marine

  • High Rise buildings, hotels and infrastructure on large construction sites



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